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1. How to save diagram or proposal printout of FloorEstimate Pro into PDF file so I can send it to a client?

First, download and install PrimoPDF 3.0 (FREE print driver) from , when print from FloorEstimate Pro 5, select PrimoPDF as the printer name, click on Ok, at popup PrimoPDF dialog, select PDF option "Print", and enter PDF file name to be saved as, click on OK to save. Done. 

2.  How to draw internal or separation walls in FloorEstimate Pro?

At the start of drawing rooms with internal walls, use Insert Freedraw to draw around the boundary of internal walls.

3. How to put two different materials on two regions on the same room?

Create two rooms that represent the two regions, put them next to each other, delete the shared walls, assign materials to each area.

4. How can I work my current Excel spreadsheet template with FloorEstimate Pro estimate results?

Choose Export to Excel from FloorEstimate Pro Proposal Sheet or from Report Sheet. Save the data into an Excel file, then open the file in MS Excel, copy and paste data section into your favorite template.

5. How do I transfer my Material Database from one computer to another computer?

The easiest way is at Material database window, click Export button to save the material database into a csv file, then go to another computer, go to Material database window, click on Import to load the csv file.

 6. How do I transfer my Customer Database from one computer to another computer?

Similar to transfering Material database, the file name is CustomerDatabase.xml 

7. How do I select and move all rooms on the plan as a whole?

User Ctrl-a to select all rooms and drag the selected area to move.

8. How to draw straight line or 45 degree lines in freedraw mode?

Press down Shift key while in freedraw mode (the 5.0.15 change). Versions 5.0.15 and up will have an option in Setting Settings to default it at 90/45 degree angles.

9. How to swing the side of door leaf?

Left click on the doorway, drag on the red point on the door leaf to swing it to any angle.

10. Sometimes the takeoff on big imported images is very slow, how to speed it up? (For COMMERCIAL edition)

Change zoom factor (the dropdown menu on toolbar) to 200%, then zoom it back to where is it. The takeoff speed will be back to normal. This has to do with the underlying graphics library of window XP.

11. How to create a closet within a room?

There are two ways to do it: (1) use freedraw to draw around the perimeters of closet and room, (2) draw two areas separately and put them next to each other.

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