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"FloorEstimate Pro is a professional, valuable, outstanding tool. The best ever made in the flooring industry!"

David Somerville - American Flooring Concepts, SC

"We used it for three years, I am very happy with it, simple to use. It really works. Taking away the chance for a math error. Get a print out of cuts to the installer, no more arguments over material."

Larry Noser

"I don't know how I've run my small flooring store without FloorEstimate Pro! You could call this software instant productivity!"

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System Setup FAQs

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System Setup How to set it to Metric instead of its default Imperial?
  • From File menu, click System Settings, click on Measurement tab, check Metric or Imperial

How to set my own logo, company info in Quotation sheet and Work Order form?

  • From System Settings window, click User Settings tab, fill out the user information and browse to your company logo file.

Where do I set the quotation contract terms to be printed with the quotation?

  • From System Settings window, click User Settings tab, copy/paste or enter your contract terms into Term and Notes text area.



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