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On-Screen Plan Takeoff FAQs

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Plan Takeoff (on imported image files) FEP6 sometimes gets very slow after importing a large tif or PDF plan, how can I speed it up?
  • Due to some computer hardware and graphics configurations, large plan or multiple plan imports slows down takeoff and drawing response. To speed it up, simply zoom the plan to 200%, then zoom back to any normal scale. This trick works well as it forces the computer to allocate more graphics memory for the plans.

How can I rotate and shift the imported image plan?

  • By default, the imported plan is LOCKED. Right-click over the plan area, select "Unlock", then right-click to select Rotate 90 Degree or other operations. After you are done, right-click to Lock the image plan so it cannot be shifted accidentally.

How can I set the imported plan scale in both X and Y directions because the original was not scanned equally?

  • Right-click over image plan to select "Set Up Takeoff Scale...", upon Image Scale Setting window pops up, take default "Pick two points to set up scale", from its pulldown options, select Horizontal, set X direction scale; then repeat this process to set Vertical.

Can I crop the imported image plan and only keep the part I need?

  • Yes, this feature is available in FEP6 COMMERCIAL edition.



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