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FEP6 Activation Trouble Shooting

Are you activating on Window Vista PCs?

  • Step 1: Exit the program if you get it started it after installation
  • Step 2: Right-click over FloorEstimate Pro program icon on your desktop, select "Run As Administrator"
  • Step 3: After the program is started, proceed to Help menu, select Product Activation.

I entered Account ID and Activation Key properly, it says "Invalid License...",  why?

  • Make sure typing is correct, Account ID starts with letter C with four digit number (for example, C1234). Check also that there is NO LETTER O when entering activation key (only zero 0s can be possibly in the activation key)
  • Make sure the edition you installed match the activation key issued. For example, QuickStart Edition only matches with the activation key for QuickStart Edition. To check what edition you currently installed, go to Help menu, select About FloorEstimate Pro, it tells you what edition you installed as well as the version numbers

How can I transfer license from one computer to another?

From FEP6 Version 6.0.19 up, if your computer is connected to Internet, you may transfer license from one computer to another.

  • From the computer where the license is activated, start FEP6, go to Help menu, select Transfer Product, proceed to confirm the transfer. This procedure returns the license to our license server so you may use the same Account ID and Activation Key to activate FEP6 on another computer.

Where to get support if above tips do not work?

Please email or call 1-626-683-9188 8AM-4PM Pacific Time.


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