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In-Home Services Solution In-Home Solution In-Home is the web-based management solution for in-home flooring businesses. The In-Home Solution has all the standard functions PLUS dispatching and installation scheduling functions. With In-Home, you can easily:

  • Schedule and Dispatch field sales representatives to customer home;
  • Track and Monitor sales leads, sales rep conversion rate, and campaign effectiveness;
  • Create Diagrams and Estimates with FloorEstimate Pro Online or desktop edition;
  • Verify Sales Order and Estimates by viewing and editing diagrams and estimates created by field sales reps over the web;
  • Schedule Installation by linking sales order, installation diagrams and installers.
  • Generate Reports on leads, sales, activities, schedules and installations;
  • Access to Other Online Business Functions provided by such as B2B Catalogs and more.

How to Sign up In-Home Solution? In-Home is subscription-based web service. The cost is outlined in the comparison chart below. Free 30-day trial account setup, cancel anytime.

Contact Latisha Augustine, Customer Service at 866-928-3326 and 626-683-9188 (international) or for help.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share the account login with others to save cost?

  • Yes, but there won't be protection of data created by different people, everyone sees the same data (leads, accounts, diagrams, etc.)

Can I view and edit the projects created by others?

  • Yes, but your user account must have administrator right

How do I create additional accounts for others in my business?

  • Yes, go to Corp Admin, click on Users tab, click on New User

Can I set up account for another user who can only access their own projects?

  • Yes, when creating a new account, make sure NOT to check administrator privilege checkbox at creating time

How to do I start creating diagram after log in In-Home?

  • Click on Diagram tab, then click New FEP5 Diagram. Read the instruction on the left side if it is your first time running it.

How does In-Home work with other desktop FEP5 software editions?

  • FEP5 software can upload projects created on desktop computers to your In-Home account. Under menu of FEP5 software, click Account Setup, enter your FEP Online user name, password, corporate name. Click on Upload Project under the same menu, it will upload the projects to In-Home account.
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