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Commercial Flooring Takeoff Estimating Software

Streamlined Takeoff Estimating: Fast, Accurate, Professional

Major Steps

Material Setup
  • Set up product types and add-on items based on project material schedule
  • Assign product list from existing product and labor database
Plan Takeoff
  • Download plans from online plan room, or scan a plan into the program
  • Import PDF, AutoCAD or image plans for onscreen takeoff
  • If using digitizer, lay blueprint on digitizer pad
  • Set up takeoff scale
  • Take off flooring areas



Material/Labor Assignment
  • Assign project products to designated floor and wall areas (by drag and drop)
  • Assign base, trim, transition to relevant perimeters or doorways
  • Assign labor items specific with respect to installation details

  commercial flooring takeoff - main floor  commercial flooring takeoff - main floor  commercial flooring takeoff - main floor 



  • Seam layout and cut planning, pattern matching, roll good waste optimization

  • Tile pattern design and installation layout

  commercial flooring takeoff - main floor  commercial flooring takeoff - main floor  commercial flooring takeoff - main floor


Worksheet, Order Forms Generation

  • Worksheet, Quotation, Work Order, Purchase Order and Invoices

  • Detail takeoff list on room area, perimeter, doors, walls

  • Export to Excel files and estimate to QuickBooks

  commercial flooring takeoff - main floor  commercial flooring takeoff - main floor  commercial flooring takeoff - main floor


Report Printout

  • Estimation summary, product usages

  • Cut plans, cut list, seam diagrams

  • 3D Floor Design View with details on floor and walls


Product Editions for Commercial Takeoff Estimating

Product Description

FEP2009 Professional

Key Features:
  • All of Retail Edition, plus
  • Advanced seam manipulation tools
  • Tile pattern designer, floor divider/splitter
  • Takeoff on PDF, Dodge plan files
  • Estimate by floor layer option, and 3D plan view

Best For: Commercial flooring jobs by contractors, multi-family contractors, dealers

Support/Updates:  12-month phone support/update  included

Price: $2495

       for $149/mo

FEP2009 Commercial

Key Features:
  • All of Professional Edition, plus
  • Takeoff on AutoCAD file formats: DWF, DWG, DXF
  • Material finish schedule view, tile pattern creator
  • Roll allocation & dye lot spec
  • Batch multiple page plan import (PDF/CAD)
  • Comprehensive takeoff report
  • Digitizer support: takeoff from hard copy blueprints (Buy GTCO digitizers)

Best For: Large commercial jobs by contractors and pro estimators

Support/Updates:  12-month phone support/update included

Price: $3495 

     for $179/mo

Match your Commercial Takeoff Job with Product Features

Job Type/Sizes Takeoff Method FEP2009 Edition
  • Small/Medium commercial jobs
  • Multi-family jobs
  • Onscreen Takeoff (PDF, CAD Files, JPG, TIF, GIF Image files)

FEP2009 Professional

  • Medium/large size commercial jobs
  • Multi-floor projects with large number of rooms
  • Complicated finish schedules
  • Multiple roll goods with different roll lengths and different dye lots
  • Onscreen Takeoff (PDF and CAD Files, JPG, TIF, GIF Image files),
  • Onscreen Takeoff with Multi-floor plan file imports
  • Digitizer Takeoff (hard copy blueprints,  hardware required)

FEP2009 Commercial


Subscription for FloorEstimate Pro (FEP2009)

Floor Covering Soft offers an affordable monthly subscription option for FEP2009 estimating software editions.

How Does It Works?

  • STEP 1: Select the edition that best matches your needs (FEP2009 has four editions available for subscription: PROFESSIONAL, COMMERCIAL and COMMERCIAL+). 
  • STEP 2: Provide a payment information (Visa, Master, AE or Paypal) by clicking on the Subscribe button, and complete the checkout process
  • STEP 3: Receive customer web login account by email, login to find the activation key and download link. Your credit card will be charged every 30 days, and you may cancel the subscription anytime.

Monthly Subscription Rates

Edition Fee Subscribe
FEP2009 Professional $149/mo.

FEP2009 Commercial $179/mo.


How to Sign Up or Cancel the Subscription?

To sign up, click on the Subscribe button to complete the checkout process. To cancel the subscription,  simply call customer service rep at 1-866-928-3326 (US) or 1-626-683-9188, Mon-Fri, 8AM-4PM Pacific Time.

Frequently-asked Questions

Should I subscribe or purchase the software?

When you are starting a business or learning commercial takeoffs, subscription avoids the upfront software license investment: a viable solution as your business grows.

Is technical support included in subscription?

Included for the first 12 months. For support, just call customer support hotlines 626-683-9188 or send email to support@floorcoveringsoft.com

How about the new version of the program?

You always get the latest update of the program without additional charge when it becomes available.

Can I upgrade or downgrade the edition subscribed to fit my needs?

Yes, please contact our sales representative at 1-866-928-3326 or 626-683-9188.

Can I transfer the subscription license from one PC to another?

Yes, simply click on Help menu, select Transfer License, then activate it at another PC (Internet connection required).


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"FloorEstimate Pro is a professional, valuable, outstanding tool. The best ever made in the flooring industry!"

David Somerville - American Flooring Concepts, SC

"We used it for three years, I am very happy with it, simple to use. It really works. Taking away the chance for a math error. Get a print out of cuts to the installer, no more arguments over material."

Larry Noser

"I don't know how I've run my small flooring store without FloorEstimate Pro! You could call this software instant productivity!"

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