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FEP2010 Onsite Measuring and Drawing with Leica Disto Laser Meter Quick Guide

FloorEstimate Pro 2010 is integrated Blue-tooth enabled Leica Disto models including D8, 330i, A6 and Disto Plus. It enables the blue-tooth enabled Disto meter to draw into FEP2010 program with Disto measurement:

  • Speed up floor measurement process
  • Eliminate potential measuring errors from reading or entering inaccurate sizes

Video Tutorial FEP Onsite Room Drawing with Disto A6 (   5'30")


Wireless Transfer of Measurement Data
The plug-in automatically creates a new Estimate or Invoice in QuickBooks and adds items in QuickBooks item database if necessary.

Supported Disto Models: D8, 330i, Disto A6, Disto Plus

A Typical Measuring Process with Disto:
1. Click on "Draw by Disto" button on FEP toolbar to connect to a Disto meter >>
2. Locate a starting point , then wall direction to start drawing >>
3. Move to next room until all rooms are measured.


Quick User Guide:

  Step 1: Make sure your tablet PC or laptop PC blue-tooth is turned on. You should see a Blue-tooth icon in the system tray. Then turn on Disto, press Blue-tooth key, then press 2nd key.



Step 2: From FEP, Diagram Tab, click on Draw by Disto button. When Disto is connected, a notification window pops up, and a starting arrow shows at FEP6 drawing window.




Step 3: Locate starting point for room drawing, measure and draw all walls of a room. Proceed to add additional rooms.

(1) If arrow is in black color, Disto is in non-drawing mode. You may use Left, Right, Up, Down keys to shift its starting point location. Click on Lower Left key, to enter drawing mode, now the arrow turns Red.

(2) Now in drawing-mode, use Left, Right, Up, Down keys to set drawing directions, or use Upper Right key to toggle into any 45 degree angles. Press on Bluetooth button to enter a measurement.

(3) While in drawing mode, click on Upper Left to enter special editing mode,  press Down key to back up (UNDO) one more multiple steps, press Left to rotate drawing direction by +1 degree, press Right key to rotate drawing direction by -1 degree. Press Upper Left key again to return to normal mode.

(4) To close a room, click on Lower Left key. To start a next room, click on Lower Left key again.

Shortcut Tip: To create an rectangular room, enter two wall measurements with right angle, press Lower Left to close the shape, the program automatically creates a rectangular shape.


      Step 4:  When done with all rooms, to quit Disto Draw mode, press Lower Right button.
      Disto Drawing Key Mapping:

  Video Tutorial FEP Onsite Room Drawing with Disto A6 (   5'30")
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