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A Simple Approach to Flooring Software

Floor Covering Soft is the leading provider of easy-to-use flooring takeoff, layout and estimating software for flooring contractors, dealers and installers. With more than 1500 flooring stores using its products everyday, including leading national floor chains, the company attributes its success to its fundamental design principle: Keep it simple.

Compay Location: Pasadena, California  

Corporate Office:

Floor Covering Soft (DBA of InfoAppliance Inc)
221 E Walnut Street, Suite 250
Pasadena, CA 91101, USA   (Map It, Driving Direction from LAX )


Located in the center of Pasadena downtown, a historic city with 100+ year of Rose Parade tradition.  

US Sales/Support

Tel. 1-866-928-3326 (tollfree) 1-626-683-9188 
: 1-626-683-9699 

Info: info@floorcoveringsoft.com
Sales: sales@floorcoveringsoft.com
Support: support@floorcoveringsoft.com

Office Hours: 8:00AM-4PM M-F (US Pacific Time PST)


International Resellers


Laser Measure, Contact: Nigel Welsh

PO Box 943 Morayfield 4505, Australia

United Kingdom

Laser Measure UK, Contact: Nigel Welsh

Flooring Installations Technology, Contact: John Walton

Hathaway Close, Gateacre, Liverpool, L25 4SN, United Kingdom

South Africa

CarpetWorks, Contact: Howard Feigin

First Floor 35 Wierda Road West, Wierda Valley, Sandton, South Africa


For reseller opportunities in other regions, please contact Dr. Steven Wang at Tel: (1)-626-683-9188 (US), Fax: (1)-626-683-9699Email. info@floorcoveringsoft.com 

Track Records of Innovation and Services

Flooring businesses are not just looking for software tools, they are looking for technology partner that they can grow their business with. 
  • Jan 2008, the top line of FEP6 COMMERCIAL+ was released with enhanced features for large commercial contractors.
  • Jan 2008, FCS launched its mobile measuring solution with Laser Disto on tablet PC platform
  • Dec 2007, Floor Covering Soft launched a mobile drawing/estimating solution for Allstate Insurance and Genesis Solutions.
  • Aug 2007, FCS launches FEP Version 6 series.
  • May 2007, FloorLink.net CRM 2.0 released.
  • June 2006, The FIRST web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for flooring industry was launched by Floor Covering Soft.
  • March 2006, ifloor.com, the largest online flooring retailer, launched web-based diagramming and floor calculator powered FloorEstimate Pro Web Edition.
  • June 2005, Empire Today, the largest nation-wide in-home flooring retailer, deployed FloorEstimate Pro 4.
  • March 2005, Mohawk selected FloorEstimate Pro to power its claim estimating platform MohawkRecover for its dealer network for insurance recover jobs.
  • January 2003, FloorEstimate Pro 2.0 launched at Surfaces

Corporate Management

Floor Covering Soft is a division of InfoAppliance Inc. founded by Dr. Steven Wang in late 2002, to develop mobile and desktop estimation & sales software tools for flooring businesses. Since then, it has been continuing bringing innovative measuring and estimating solutions to the flooring industry, now its products and services are being used daily by EmpireToday, R.C. Willey, Mohawk Recover Network, many stores of Abbey Carpet, CarpetOne & Flooring America, agents of FCI, Carpet Direct, contractors of Lowes and HomeDepot, and 1500+ mom-and-pop stores.

Founder Background

Dr. Steven Wang has more than 17 years of experience in software & business applications. He obtained his MS and Ph.D in Computer Science from University of Southern California in 1986 and 1991 respectively. Since then, he has been working in US IT industry as senior software engineer, project leader, technology manager, CTO, senior consultant and the latest as entrepreneur.

Dr. Wang has worked for a list of technology companies including Structure Research & Analysis Corp (senior engineer and project leader), Andersen Consulting (now Accenture, technology manager), Intelligent Systems Technology Inc (Dilloitte Touche Fast 50 in LA, manager), and MTC Corp. The last position was CTO of MTC, listed 98th of VAR500 with revenue of 315 mil in 2002 where Steven was responsible for internal IT infrastructure, sales & supply chain automation, logistics and e-commerce. After that, he found InfoAppliance Inc with two other partners. 

Advisory Board

Sam Allman

The director and founder of Mohawk University (the training arm of Mohawk Industries) and CEO of Allman Consulting. He has spoken to and trained with many organizations in flooring and other home improvement industries including Mohawk Industries, Sears, Home Depot, Tarkett, Galleher, CarpetOne, Abbey Carpet, Wear-dated Carpet. Sam is an internationally recognized motivational speaker, consultant, trainer, and author with numerous books and audio/video programs on leadership, customer services, retail sales, team building and technology management.

Warren Erickson

President of Genesis Systems. Warren has more than thirty-years  experience in deploying technology driven business solutions for insurance recovery, claim estimating, remodeling/construction project management. He was president of Alacrity Services, a provider of managed restoration services to Mohawk Recovery, Stainmaster, Allstate insurance recovery networks and other companies.

Roy Han

President of MTC, a VAR500 computer component provider and distributor in US. Roy is seasoned entrepreneur who has grown MTC from $30k revenue in 1987 to $315 million in 2002.


Partners and Affiliates


International Resellers

Integration Partners

  • Comp-U-Floor Software
  • Leica Geo-Systems
  • GTCO Calcomp
  • Allman Training & Consulting
  • Alacrity Services


  • Associate member of World Floor Covering Association
  • Member of Flooring Industry B2B Standard Software Provider Consortium
  • Member of Pasadena Entretech (software society)
  • Member of Southern California Software Consul
  Partners - Affiliates

From Satisfied Customers Over the World

Bob Garcia, Owner, Arbor Contract Carpet, TX " I've been a customer of yours for years and a happy one too.
I have landed several multi-family new constructions as well as commercial with your product. For a long time, I was doing measurements for both Lowe's and Home Depots. They were impressed with the drawings and measurements. Thank you so much for this software.

Joe Crivello, CEO, Great America Floors, CO" The Floor Estimate Pro 5 is an outstanding software program. I have been in the flooring business for over 10 years and have never seen such an easy to use program. This program will help me hire more sales people with very little training. I can now measure a customers home and have a diagram of the flooring the customer chooses in minutes, showing all the seams if the product is carpet, show hardwood or tile layouts and print an estimate all in the time it used to take me to just measure and figure seams, etc. I estimate my productivity will more than double." 

Roy Wescott, Jr., Co/Owner
Manteo Furniture Company
" I believe I have solved my problem. If not I will contact you later. I just LOVE this program. I can easily measure a house and figure the carpet, but I could NEVER present it to the customer this way. Showing the cuts and layout gives them more faith that all is honest.

Once again, I thank you. Carpet estimators should look into this program no matter how long they have been measuring. The presentation is worth the price. I started selling carpet 37 years ago. I believe I would be considered knowledgeable." 

Sheldon Fortenberry - Carpet Direct, CO "I have looked at all the software available for measuring floor surfaces and FloorEstimate Pro is by far the most accurate and easiest to use. Their technical support and willingness to make modifications is second to none."  

Ann Abbott- Roy's Estimating Services, NY "As a professional carpet estimator with over 20 years experience, I can attest to the speed and accuracy of the Floor Estimate Pro.  The ability to visually describe the layout and room seaming of a job is a tremendous advantage when closing a sale.  This product is certainly worth its weight in gold." 

Adam Youdelman - Creation Carpets & Blinds of Phoenix, AZ "I want to let you know how helpful you and your staff have been over the past two years. I started my business just a few weeks prior to purchasing your FloorEstimate Pro software and every time I have had a question or a problem you have always taken the time to help me resolve them. I feel that your program has been and continues to be one of the key elements in my business that has helped me to become successful in the flooring industry. I am very pleased with the investment that I have made in you and your company." 

David Somerville - American Flooring Concept, SC "FloorEstimate Pro is a professional, valuable, outstanding tool ever made in flooring industry!"

Roy Lipman - Installer, NY "For the price of FloorEstimate Pro, I turn my weak estimating skill into a strong pro within two weeks, thanks!!" 

Tim Steffen - Steffen Furniture, IA "It double checks for estimates, make sure qty is right, it eliminates lots of mistakes, show it around customers with different materials, saves me lots of time" 

Larry Noser - Discount Flooring Brokers, AZ "We used it for three years, i am very happy with it, it is so simple to use, really works by taking math error out, get a printout of cuts to installers, no argument for material." 

Ike Miller - Gainesville Flooring, FL "I tried the trial version of FloorEstimate Pro and was amazed! It has everything I need and is so simple and fast!" 

Andrew Love, Australia National Tile. "Our company was looking for a new estimating program to help us service 2 of top 3 Major Domestic Builders in Victoria . We were looking for a program that would meet our high expectations. FEP ticked every box.


  1. Easy file saving.
  2. Accessibility of files on alternative computers.
  3. Visually clear.
  4. Accurate estimating.
  5. Adequate support.
  6. User Friendly.
  7.  Large time and cost savings.
  8. Possibility to tailor program to our needs within reason.

We found FEP to meet the above requirements during testing and decided to purchase 16 licenses. Although we have recently purchased FEP we believe the program will be an integral part to the success of our business. Any issues were addressed quickly and efficiently, we even had some request to have some changes written into the program this was dealt with effortlessly and with precision.

Our previous estimating program had various restrictions and reduced our productivity. FEP has given us more freedom and is a completely user friendly.


Over all it has been a good business decision to purchase FEP and we continue to enjoy good communication and support with Nigel who has been very helpful during this whole process." 

Mitch Cady - C. B. Carpets, OK "I don't know how I've run my small flooring store without FloorEstimate Pro! You could call this software instant productivity!" 

Harry - A G Flooring, CA "Very good product and very good support! We have been counting on the web version of FloorEstimate Pro to prepare estimates and bids for 13 Lowes' stores EVERYDAY!" 

Bruce - Total Flooring, SA, Canada "FloorEstimate Pro is so easy. I was able to download, install and use the program immediately. I did my first flooring project - including learning how to use the software - in just one hour. Good job!"

Wayne Lee, Carpet King, CA "I love FloorEstimate Pro's ease of learning, and all its powerful features to adjust seam and layout instantly!"

Pat - Qualino's Flooring, CA "I like it a lot, it really improves my profit percentage and makes estimates a lot quicker!"

Charles - Diversified Carpet, CA. "So easy to get started, I was hooked. Thanks for such a great product for our flooring guys!"

Keith - Door to Door Flooring, SC "After using your trial for less than two hours I am buying it! Thanks for a great product!" 

Tim - Floor Renditions, AZ "After using another floor estimating program without much success, I found FloorEstimate Pro on Internet, and much to my surprise I was able to complete 2 drawings in about an hour! My client was very happy to receive the floor plan and carpet layout, and their professional look was a direct result of FEP. Thanks for an easy-to-use product that produces professional results!" 

Brad Varty - Varty Floors Unlimited, BC, Canada "FloorEstimate Pro cuts my estimation time by 70%, so I can work on more jobs. The blue-print import feature is unbelievable, makes my life as well as my designer and contractor's much easier, as I can takeoff directly from scanned plan. I am almost running a paperless store."

Dave Somerville, American Flooring Concept, SC "I am the Sales Manager of American Flooring Concepts, we have been using FEP on daily based, it saves time and money, we go to the field and do the measurement, put on computer, print a professional diagram and give it to installer, in today world, computer generated diagram has an edge".

Jim Decker - House of Carpets, IA "This is a fantastic item my company bought 4 of them plus the Desktop version. Absolutely incredible I have worked with FloorRight and this is easier and the fact one can carry in their hand is great. I have been doing this business for 35 years, hate to admit it, and already have seen a savings figuring certain jobs over hand figuring. Mostly when one has a list of 10 or more areas it has happened that one is not added to the list, only reason I've ever been short, this prevents that error." 

Aaron - Carpet Wagon, CA "Unbelievable! I've been in the flooring business for almost 25 years and I have never received such outstanding customer service!" 

Mike Carriere - Floor Covering International, Canada "My experience with Floor Estimate Pro has been nothing but positive. Trying to bring the old school pencil pushers into the computer age has never been easier. With this program we save countless hours a job just by being able to change totals around with a click of a mouse. New construction houses some times require calculating the material a few times during the selection process and this program makes our lives and jobs so much easier. Having a good product is one thing but what I'm impressed with is the service and support that I've received. Emails are answered almost immediately. And what made me to decide to buy this product was on a Sunday afternoon a long time ago when I found www.floorcoveringsoft.com I had a question, so I called to leave a message for someone to get back to me and to my surprise Steven was in a meeting that day and answered the phone. No multi level tiers of people to go through. The people that created the software are selling the software so I knew that I would be treated right. Thanks everyone and keep up the great work" 

William David - Flooring America, MD "This is a great estimating tool, I can show it in front of customers and it looks really professional, it really helps me closing the deals, boss is thinking get one for every sales reps" 

Ed Schneider - About Floors & More, FL "As flooring contractor with 10 years experience in the industry, I think you have a surprisingly good and effective flooring layout and estimation product! It totally blows others away!" 

Sam Raman - United Flooring, PA "I have 6 estimators out in the field using FloorEstimate Pro to prepare sales bids for local Lowes' stores, it works great!" 

John - Excellence Flooring, CA "FloorEstimate Pro is so easy to use, I was able to complete a two story house plan on  the first days of using the product!" 

Art Travis - Floor Covering Int'l, CA "The program is very intuitive, simple to use, create lots of efficiency in reducing waste factor and necessity to draw a diagram by hand." 

Steven Keilholz - Keilholz Flooring, PA "FEP sells lots of job for me because it speeds up the time and if a customer is in front of me, I instantly show him how much material they need and where the seam goes, improving conversion rate by 30%". 

Dave - Floor Estimator, CO "I use your program everyday and love it. Saves me tons of time. Just I want to help makes this great program become the greatest."

Ted Under - Quality Floor Covering, TN "FEP is so user friendly. I found myself creating flooring diagrams within 10 minutes of receiving the download! And I had NEVER created a floor diagram from a software tool before." 

Jamie Pasek- Custom Interior, KS "I have been very impressed with the online demo and follow-up you have provided through my trial period of FloorEstimate Pro. I really like the product and appreciated the opportunity to try it out before buying." 




"FloorEstimate Pro is the best flooring layout software tool I have come across for floor estimating. Zero learning curve, and instant professional flooring diagram and estimates!"

Sheldon Fortenberry - Carpet Direct, Castle Rock, CO

"As a pro carpet estimator with over 20 years experience, I can attest to the speed and accuracy of the Floor Estimate Pro. The ability to visually describe flooring layout and room seaming of a job is a tremendous advantage when closing a sale. This software product is certainly worth its weight in gold."

Anne Abbott - Roy's Floor Estimating Services, New York

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