Features Retail 
Best for
  • Retail sales reps
  • Estimators
  • Installers
  • Retail sales reps
  • Estimator/Site Measurers
  • Commercial flooring jobs by contractors
  • Multi-family contractors
  • Dealers
  • Commercial contractors
  • Professional estimators
Disto Drawing
Capable of Disto connection
Plan Import (file format)
Batch plan files import/ Multiple plan images at same layer    
Project file merge    
PDF file, Dodge Plan, AutoCAD DXF/DWG
Image format: JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP
Modeling & Drawing
Roll allocation    
Duplicated rooms and floor multiplier    
Freedraw lines and curves with any angle
Merge any selected rooms
Create multi-layer borders
Create any shaped island or holes
Draw/takeoff rectangular rooms with rubber band dragging
Set arbitrary layout direction for any selected rooms
Rotate rooms at arbitrary angle
Tile grid layout at center or any location with any angle
Apply material on walls and ceilings
Tile editor: create, save and apply tile pattern to any rooms
Create & retrieve custom room shape templates
Create multi-level story layout
Create multi-section materials on selected walls
Seam Layout & Adjustment
Add length seam and T-seam anywhere
Drag and move seams, delete by dropping off seams
Match patterned carpet with any selected rooms
Align and calculate tile layout grid and piece count dynamically
Center tile layout grid or any location automatically
Align tile grid across doorways of any selected rooms
Apply multi-section tiles on walls
Customer Database
Customer and job site information wizard
Import customer list from Microsoft Outlook
Material Database
Associate main material with multiple line items based on material square footage or perimeter of rooms or seam length for automatic inclusion in proposal sheet
Import and export material price list as Excel or CSV file
Worksheet & Quotation
Adjust sales price by sales margin or vice versa automatically
Print worksheet and quotation by material or by room
Print itemized worksheet and quotation with customizable terms and notes
Export quotation as JPG file
Print quotation with customized fields (show or hide selected data column)
Digitizer Takeoff
Digitizer Takeoff Features
Print to blueprint scales
Rescale takeoff room sizes automatically without re-takeoff
Trace and takeoff on curved walls
Adjust to fit all rooms automatically while takeoff
Business Management Functions
Product/Labor Catalog
Work Order
Online Services with FloorLink.net
Project upload on FloorLink.net account
Support & Training
Online tutorials (customer area)
Free live phone and email support 12 months email/phone12 months email/phone12 months email/phone12 months email/phone
Onsite training availability (Please ask for cost)   
Automatic Program Update (via Internet)