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Best for
  • ■ Retail sales reps
  • ■ Estimators/Installers
  • ■ Dealers
Best for
  • ■ Site measurers
  • Retail sales reps
  • ■ Estimators/installers
Best for
  • ■ Multi-family contractors
  • ■ Commercial contractors (light jobs)
  • ■ Large dealers
Best for
  • ■ Commercial contractors (large jobs)
  • ■ Multi-family contractors
  • ■ Professional estimators
policy & training options
policy & training options
policy & training options
policy & training options

Edition Comparison Chart

Key Features Retail Retail/Laser Professional Multifamily Commercial
Create Room, stairway, wall drawing with takeout, islands (with border, doors, windows)
Lay rooms with carpet, vinyl, tile, wood and laminate product types
Tile pattern assignments
Self coving, transition, heat rod and base assignments
Pattern carpet match
Generate seam layout, and cut sheet with optimized waste
Create estimate, work order, purchase order, invoice forms
Export to PDF, Excel and QuickBooks
3D view with product assignment and tile layout
Disto laser meter support  
Estimate multi-family property/units    
Floor divider and splitter for floor design and plan takeoff    
Wall designer, tile pattern editor    
Advanced seam layout, and roll cut manipulation (rotation, group shifting, etc.)    
Define custom tile pattern    
Estimate by floor layer or phase    
Takeoff with PDF plan import    
Multi-room or unit multiplier    
Multi-floor layer multiplier      
Roll allocation and dye lot match      
Import AutoCAD (DWF, DWG, DWF files)      
Batch plan file import      
GTCO Digitizer takeoff support